Our First Store

We opened our first bakery in Venezuela back in 2006 under the name  "Tentaciones Gourmet." In the picture, you  can see my brother and Chef Lino Rengifo right by my side (yes, I used to be blonde back then). We had a fantastic staff and a great location. We have come a long way since those days, but our commitment to excellence and quality has not changed.  We miss our country, but we are very proud to call the US our new home.   

TasteBuds Events @ Rivers Casino

Last night our bakery #naylisbakery had the pleasure to be part of the 2016 TasteBuds event organized by @bestbuddies in #pittsburgh. We had such a great time, and we are really proud of our amazing buddy and sous chef Rox and our incredible Pastry Chef Lino. #thankyou #keepupthegoodwork#donate #bestbuddies  

Cannoli Cake Review

“Try the Cannoli Cake! It is a masterpiece in both taste and aesthetics. Lino made this custom cake by request for my Mother’s 60th birthday party. Not only have I received rave reviews, but my guests have said this is probably the best cake they’ve ever had in their lives. Separately, the parts of the cake are simply delicious; ricotta-based filling, almond, and orange velvety white cake, fresh whipped cream icing, covered in mini chocolate chips and sugared sliced almonds. Together, though, th...